The Food Industry

On the back of its significant multisectoral experience in many different industrial sectors, a few years ago Tecnoform started operating in the field of food packaging offering its clients a variety of packaging solutions and expanding into other fields.

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Interion box, for the cosmetic sectors, perfumery, fashion, toys and other segments. In addition to trays, plateaux, and protective packaging for industrial production.
Box lining for the cosmetics and perfumery sectors, for the fashion industry, toys, for different types of trays and for other segments, in addition to protective packaging for industrial production.

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Our thermoforming machines and welding lines produce blisters for any market demand.

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You can choose among boxes of every shape, size and material: from plastic injection moulding materials to aluminium and other metals, to cardboard.

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Our on-packs are ideal for use with any type of bottle, as they safely contain any gadgets and guaranteeing a great seal at the neck of the bottle.

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A company with great shared values, aware of being able to reach customer satisfaction through expertise, professionalism and ethical sense.
The same ethics that characterize internal relationships, based on a serene and harmonious system where individual well-being is realized through collective well-being.
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