Research & Development

R&D and Innovation

Tecnoform believes that innovation and quality go hand in hand and should be considered, not only a necessary combination for certifications and regulations, but also part of the corporate conscience itself.

Materials Research and Development

Tecnoform collaborates with the best suppliers of raw materials to fine-tune distinctive and high-performance formulations for traditional materials.

It designs "smart" and natural-fibre packaging, making full use of the application potential of such materials and testing their actual effectiveness.

In 2017, it started a series of projects in collaboration with the Experimental Station for the Food Preserving Industry (ESFPI), that operates at a national level through its headquarters in Parma and promotes the scientific and technical progress of the Italian Preserving Industry.

Always in this perspective, it competes in EC and national biddings.

Process Research and Development

The R&D activity and the continuous questioning of the processes, makes Tecnoform invest in advanced equipment that exceed the current design and control limits of thermoformed packaging.

Spectrophotometer: this instrument guarantees the precise measurement of colours according to international standards, expressed in defined colour ranges. It guarantees that the thermoformed products are made in the exact colour required by the client, with a tolerance set in advance and based on the project.

3D Scanner: Automatic acquisition of 3D objects, down to the finest detail. This allows the design of thermoformed products that can contain complex shaped objects with delicate surfaces. Furthermore, the use of this instrument as a control tool guarantees the dimensional uniformity of all the pieces produced.

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